My City

This old building in Durban has seen better days, but I love the wording on the outside and the colours.  It served as a lodge for sailors.  Sad to see the heritage of this great city go to waste.  I have an exciting place to show you though which is almost next door to this old granddad!  Will post about it soon.

Happy Weekend x

So happy that the weekend is here.  Enjoy it my dear readers and fellow bloggers! x

Picture from my favourite Lola's Room

What a strange power there is in clothing...

'The must have' this week is a vintage item to really make you feel like a 1950's mademoiselle

The title of this post is by Isaac Bashevis Singer and if you adore vintage clothes like I do then it will ring true.

I am currently reading the most amazing book called A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff. I happend to find it at one of my favourite junk shops and the book happens to be fairly new actually - published in 2009. The pink dress on the cover was what caught my eye. And without even really being bothered about the story I bought the book.

I enjoy relaxing reads that transport me to another world...a bit of romance and a focus on clothes is always a must. A Vintage Affair is best in this regard as the author's research on the subject refers to fashion labels by name with beautiful descriptions to accomany each item that Phoebe Swift our leading lady has in her vintage shop - Village Vintage.

I won't give away more, but I thought I would share a couple of images from my imagination and what I envision the vintage items to look like as per the author's descriptions as well as some of my favourite online vintage browsing sites.

This book has inspired me to wake up each day and dress like a vintage queen, with care, joy and delight!  So pull out those frocks and find your fashion inspiration!

I will also follow this post up with some vintage care and wardrobe tips plus some local vintage shopping advice and addresses.  In the meantime you can look at:

Vintage Shoe Print - Lola's Room


New buttons, tape measure bows and a fun download to accompany it all.
We all know about the current patterned tape craze - whether you call it... Washi tape, Japanese tape, Happy tape or just patterned sticky tape it is pretty and we all love it!
I found Pugly Pixel on Friday and love each post from this talented blogger.  She created a free download of the patterned tape to use in your blogging or creative projects.  Thanks Katrina!

My new buttons are from a digging spree at a tiny haberdashery and used some on a tape measure clip order.  Such a lucky day!

Cupcake Couture doesn't only make cupcakes...

I don't want to harp on about my life and how it has been going at the moment, but the lack of blogging and inspiration is a clear indication that it has been busy and manic. I haven't had time to make new Cupcake Couture products in ages.  I have a dozen half made corsages and a heap of lovely new buttons just waiting to be used. Lack of time and the need to rush around between the hospital, my parent's house, work and home have left me drained.

No more complaining though - things are looking up and this weekend marks the beginning of some hard work.  Cleaning up, making and creating... 

Tonight I tried a new recipe. It isn't on paper or in a book, but rather in my head. Market in Marriott Road is one of my favourite restaurants and their Butternut and Sage Penne is a dreamy delight for the tongue. I crave this pasta all the time, but can't always dash off to Market. So... I thought what goes into it:

Pine Nuts

Now to mix it all up and get the same taste - not so easy. I can cook, but I am no Jamie and have really only recently started playing around in the kitchen! I have to usually sms a friend who is a gourmet cook for tips - mid sage chopping.

I added the chopped sage and garlic to a pan with a touch of butter for flavour. Next I added the pasta and got the penne into a pot of boiling water to which I added a bit of salt and olive oil. Next I added the bacon to the pan. Whilst doing all this I started on the butternut which I had prepped and cut into cubes. I cooked it with a hint of sage too. Once the butternut was soft I mashed it and added it to the cooked bacon in the pan. Next I added the cream and the pine nuts and let it all simmer. Once done it makes a paste like sauce that you can mix into the pasta. Delicious. You can also use chicken instead of bacon or do a vegetarian version.

I thought I would show you a few details from the Cupcake Couture kitchen and all that goes into this yummy pasta. The making and eating of it went really well. Daniel (my fiancé) has been away for a week so I treated him to a special meal. Thank goodness it went well! Home is where the heart is and the kitchen is where the soul lies.

I found this little plate at a Mr Price sample sale. The spoons are from a set that my friend Claire bought for me in Paris.

Mashed butternut.
I really love this shiny red pot - it belonged to my grandparents and I think they would be proud if they could see it now in my little home.
Another angle of my kitchen. A Christmas gift from my best friend Sam and a little porcelain bird.

A tough week

This week was tough, mostly because my mom was so unwell and in ICU for almost a week.  Thank you for all your kind messages!  I always look for the positive side in every week and this one was no different.

1.  I received my Cloud Birds purse from Skinny Laminx
2.  A kind friend bought me a flower to cheer me up.
3.  My best friend in London sent me a package.
4.  My Elle magazine arrived.

With kind and caring people all around - it is easy to stay positive.  Do something nice for someone this week.  Let me know what you are going to do...or did. 

Image Collage:
1) Skinny Laminx packaging...the art is in the details.  2) The label on the pretty purse.  3) A special package for me (I will try and take some pics of what was inside).  4) The tape my friend used to wrap the package - I love it.  5) The new Elle.  6)  A flower for some cheer.

My City

A few places and finds in my city.

Old Cases

A cute old record

Vintage coats

Gum Machine


To get you even more excited for The Package Project I am having a giveaway.  Thank you to Lisa & Jo for donating some of their envelopes, a card and a pretty gift bag.  They are also having another giveaway here.
This is an international giveaway so friends from far and wide can win.

To enter:
Leave a comment on this post telling me about your perfect package and what would be inside.
Join The Package Project (if you already have - just leave a comment)
Post about the giveaway and leave the link as a comment.

The winner will be chosen randomly.  Entries close on Sunday 25 April.

Remember to take a look at Coelho Culture to see more of Lisa & Jo's stationery.

Wishing you a happy Easter

I know that my Easter wishes are a bit belated, but my weekend hasn't gone according to plan.  On Saturday my dear mom got taken to hospital.  She is doing better, but as we know life takes a back seat when your family needs you.

I hope you have had a splendid weekend.  I will be back to blog later.

This bunny cushion is perfect for anytime of the year - I spotted it at Earthmother in Glenwood.  There is also a little bird one.  So adorable.

Shopping not Selling at I heart Market

Cupcake Couture won't have a stall at this month's I heart Market. Not to disappoint, but it is Daniel my fiancé's birthday. You see...last year on his birthday we spent the day driving to Johannesburg for SA Fashion Week. He is a dream and didn't complain for a minute so as a reward I promised that this year we wouldn't spend the day on girlie things, but rather on something he would like to do.

Cupcake Couture is still allowed to come shopping at the market, but no stall as I have to pamper and make sure there are plenty of pressies.

In the meantime you can buy some Cupcake Couture at Fat Tuesday in Kloof, Mooi in Glenwood, The Fringe Arts pop up shop in Cape Town or you can order something special directly from me - just send me a note via email.

See you there!

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