Cupcake Couture doesn't only make cupcakes...

I don't want to harp on about my life and how it has been going at the moment, but the lack of blogging and inspiration is a clear indication that it has been busy and manic. I haven't had time to make new Cupcake Couture products in ages.  I have a dozen half made corsages and a heap of lovely new buttons just waiting to be used. Lack of time and the need to rush around between the hospital, my parent's house, work and home have left me drained.

No more complaining though - things are looking up and this weekend marks the beginning of some hard work.  Cleaning up, making and creating... 

Tonight I tried a new recipe. It isn't on paper or in a book, but rather in my head. Market in Marriott Road is one of my favourite restaurants and their Butternut and Sage Penne is a dreamy delight for the tongue. I crave this pasta all the time, but can't always dash off to Market. So... I thought what goes into it:

Pine Nuts

Now to mix it all up and get the same taste - not so easy. I can cook, but I am no Jamie and have really only recently started playing around in the kitchen! I have to usually sms a friend who is a gourmet cook for tips - mid sage chopping.

I added the chopped sage and garlic to a pan with a touch of butter for flavour. Next I added the pasta and got the penne into a pot of boiling water to which I added a bit of salt and olive oil. Next I added the bacon to the pan. Whilst doing all this I started on the butternut which I had prepped and cut into cubes. I cooked it with a hint of sage too. Once the butternut was soft I mashed it and added it to the cooked bacon in the pan. Next I added the cream and the pine nuts and let it all simmer. Once done it makes a paste like sauce that you can mix into the pasta. Delicious. You can also use chicken instead of bacon or do a vegetarian version.

I thought I would show you a few details from the Cupcake Couture kitchen and all that goes into this yummy pasta. The making and eating of it went really well. Daniel (my fiancé) has been away for a week so I treated him to a special meal. Thank goodness it went well! Home is where the heart is and the kitchen is where the soul lies.

I found this little plate at a Mr Price sample sale. The spoons are from a set that my friend Claire bought for me in Paris.

Mashed butternut.
I really love this shiny red pot - it belonged to my grandparents and I think they would be proud if they could see it now in my little home.
Another angle of my kitchen. A Christmas gift from my best friend Sam and a little porcelain bird.