What a strange power there is in clothing...

'The must have' this week is a vintage item to really make you feel like a 1950's mademoiselle

The title of this post is by Isaac Bashevis Singer and if you adore vintage clothes like I do then it will ring true.

I am currently reading the most amazing book called A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff. I happend to find it at one of my favourite junk shops and the book happens to be fairly new actually - published in 2009. The pink dress on the cover was what caught my eye. And without even really being bothered about the story I bought the book.

I enjoy relaxing reads that transport me to another world...a bit of romance and a focus on clothes is always a must. A Vintage Affair is best in this regard as the author's research on the subject refers to fashion labels by name with beautiful descriptions to accomany each item that Phoebe Swift our leading lady has in her vintage shop - Village Vintage.

I won't give away more, but I thought I would share a couple of images from my imagination and what I envision the vintage items to look like as per the author's descriptions as well as some of my favourite online vintage browsing sites.

This book has inspired me to wake up each day and dress like a vintage queen, with care, joy and delight!  So pull out those frocks and find your fashion inspiration!

I will also follow this post up with some vintage care and wardrobe tips plus some local vintage shopping advice and addresses.  In the meantime you can look at:

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