Wishing you a happy Easter

I know that my Easter wishes are a bit belated, but my weekend hasn't gone according to plan.  On Saturday my dear mom got taken to hospital.  She is doing better, but as we know life takes a back seat when your family needs you.

I hope you have had a splendid weekend.  I will be back to blog later.

This bunny cushion is perfect for anytime of the year - I spotted it at Earthmother in Glenwood.  There is also a little bird one.  So adorable.


  1. Ah my friend. So sorry to hear about your mom. Going to give you a ring now. x

  2. sorry about your Mom, glad she is doing ok x

  3. Anonymous4/06/2010

    lots of positive energy and thoughts from me to you xox

  4. oh no friend, hope your mom is doing better....


  5. Thank you for the care and kind words. x


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