Let's get hyped up...with a GIVEAWAY

Saturday is I heart Market day!  Quite an exciting time in my life and that of fellow 'marketeers'.  Hard work, late nights and the excitement of putting your product out into the world is just some of what we will face this week...coupled with last minute brainwaves and even a few nerves thrown in.  Come and see our work on Saturday at the Hellenic Hall in Durban.  We love what we do, but we need you to come and support us.  You don't need to buy anything, but please come and say hi.  Friendly faces and smiles can make our day!

So...let's get HYPED up for I heart Market.  This week I will be hosting some fun giveaways leading up to Saturday.  You can win some pretty things and make sure that we enjoy the success of a full and fruitful market day by spreading the word!

Giveaway 1:  A sailor made tape measure for tailor made things
To Enter:
Be a follower on the blog / Cupcake Couture Facebook Group / Cupcake Couture's Tweets (links on the left hand side of blog)
Blog about I heart Market - even if you don't live in Durban...someone might just read your blog who does and join us on Saturday
You can just leave a lovely comment telling me what you would make if you could sew anything in the world and skills were not part of the equation!

*Note:  this is a local giveaway.
This giveaway will end on Saturday 3 July.

Looking forward to hearing from you and stop by for another giveaway later in the week.  Help us to make this I heart Market the best one ever!


  1. If i could sew anything in the world...I make a huge owl plushie, with beautiful material and he would look so happy to be in my room

    And I will see you at I heart on Saturday

    Loving my camera badge

  2. Thank you for your comment! Love the idea of the owl plushie!
    Yey - so exciting to see that the brooch has a happy life.
    See you on Saturday!

  3. if i could sew anything in the whole world, it would be a giant second stomach that i would have scientifically attached to my side so that i could eat as man flipping borewors rolls and cinnamon pancakes as i want.
    yes please!

  4. I'm a follower on Twitter and a follower of your blog! 'Cupcake Couture' are my two favourite words used together!

    If I could sew ANYTHING in the world, I would sew my stomach smaller so that I don't eat so much! I can be bribed with cupcakes!

  5. I would sew myself my very own John Travolta.


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