A little mention

I am very pleased to report that Cupcake Couture got a little mention in the Elle Hip City Guide.  As you know Cupcake Couture is stocked at Mooi (be sure to check out their blog) which was listed in the shopping section of the Durban pages.  I have posted a snippet below, but if you would like to read more and see inside the guide then you can click here.
Every small mention means something to me as it proves that the hours poured into Cupcake Couture are worth it.  What makes it even more worth it is the support I get from all of you out there.  Thank you!


  1. That's brilliant friend, congrats! So happy for you. And I love the blog layout! Especially the coloured page tabs, I might have to ask you how you did those. It's really pretty. x

  2. Congrats, that's great!

    ps my partner and I have sent our packages off, just waiting to receive them now, yay!

  3. Thanks Lauren - I figured it out on the new blog template. I did have a moment though as thought I had ruined my entire blog at one point - luckily it all worked out.
    Thanks for noticing the changes.

    Lana - thank you. Such a small mention, but it really made my heart happy. So exciting - hope your package is just lovley. If you get a mo please add your pics to the flickr group. x

  4. wow - that is so cool - well done


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