An open mind:
The importance of pretty shoes is very underrated.  They can transform and outfit and make you feel on top of the world again.  Busy days at my day job means that I prefer wearing flats, but occasionally a good pair of heels makes the day brighter!  I added these heels to our shoe buy at my day job and initially they didn't appeal to me at all.  I gave them another chance though when I thought of changing the plain black laces.  Reinvented shoes which can now match whatever outfit I need them for.  Such a steal as they were marked down to  R79.99!
Sometimes you just need to have an open mind to different fashion ideas.  Make this your 'fashion must have' and your wardrobe might just have some new appeal without spending too much!
Have you personalised something in your wardrobe lately?  I would love to hear about it so do share!

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