Happy Friday!

Finally!  Friday is here.  Have a beautiful weekend!
Poster from here.

I heart Market Inspiration

Hey there I heart Market stall holders - feeling like you need some inspiration to get a lift for the next I heart Market...well...take a look at these from the Renegade Craft Fair.  Remember to make your stall different and interesting!

P.S.  Cupcake Couture won't be at the August I heart Market, but I will be back in September with some new and exciting goods plus a little surprise too!

Enjoy the inspiration.

Photos taken by oh, hello friend's Danni

Wedding Update

I would love to share my wedding with the world, but it is quite a personal day, as is the preparation.  There are of course snippets that I do want to share with my regular and loyal readers.  I hope you can share in this special time with me as I count down the months and days until I am no longer a miss, but rather a mrs and my new journey as a wife begins!

Ssssh don't tell, but these are what my wedding shoes look like.  A shoe gal like myself has to have her footwear in order for the big day.  Thinking I will design some beaded pumps too - just in case.

So pleased with my new camera bag from Paperchase in London.  Thanks to my friend Tarryn for bringing it back for me.

Must Visit Address

BonVie recently opened at 16 Bute Road off Windermere Road in Durban.  From delicious breakfasts and lunches to some light vintage shopping you are are bound to enjoy a trip to to this new address.  They have retro classics, vintage pretties and more contemporary items at Kist a decor shop within that has a 'living wall' (you will have to visit to understand).  Make a stop when next you have some time for a spot of tea.

The H&G Show

The House & Garden Show in Durban opens today!  I popped by earlier in the week to take a behind the scenes look at the preparation and what I saw was very exciting.  The Homegrown section is where all the lovely and pretty things are hiding.  The Durban Food Market will be there to keep you tummy full and my favourite Mooi ladies have set up shop too.  I have created some new corsages for them which I hope you will like.  Enjoy the browsing!

A Special Gift

It was a dear friend's birthday on Tuesday and I thought a truly special gift was in order.  I started my search a while ago as I was looking for a beautiful vintage cup and sauce, preferably with a floral motif on it.  I was lucky enough to finally discover one made of fine bone china...fit for a real lady!  Next I decided to figure out how to make a pin cushion - this specific friend has a brooch collection to rival my own and I thought a pin cushion to display her jewels on was a pretty and practical idea.  I found a step by step tutorial on mmmcrafts.  I really loved making it and found the stuffing part of the process quite therapeutic.  I went to one of my favourite antique shops to find a floral themed small bowl to fit the pin cushion in - just to round it off.  Pretty wrapping and some extra love and care made this gift a treat to create and give.

Some snaps from I heart Market - 3 July

1.  Fliers with a Cupcake Couture sticker - given out as a reminder.  2.  New button hair clips.  3.  R10 Lucky Dip - such a treat!  4.  Button Scoop - take your pick of vintage buttons.

Moleskine Reinvented

Cupcake Couture has enlisted the help of an artistic hand to design these Lomo Moleskin notebooks.  Once the range is complete I will post some more pics. 

A Package from Rotterdam

A very sweet package arrived with my name on it all the way from Rotterdam.  My Package Partner from the blog Sophie Sweet Vintage sent me all these delights!  Included was all I needed to bake Speculaas which is a type of biscuit.  Each item inside is a treasure and the fact that is travelled from so far means all the more!  Thank you Manon.

Guess where my package partner is from?  I will be sure to post more of the delightful goodies that were in my package!  Have a happy week!

What I wore...

A peek into THE WARDROBE for our engagement shoot that happened last Sunday.

Have a pretty weekend! x

Pretty Print from Here.

A couple of new corsages and one clip that I made recently.  The blue corsage has a vintage brooch in the centre.  The white corsage has a floral decal in the middle which is also vintage.
Hope you like them.

Durban is in the midst of Winter - nothing to really complain about, but still we need to dress a little warmer.

My Winter Survival Kit includes:

Bright Vintage Brooches:  These add some sparkle to Winter days.

Bio Oil:  I add just two drops to my moisturizer each night - meaning no dull, wintry skin.  You can also add some to your bath water for a luxurious soak.  I work in an air conditioned environment all day and Bio Oil really helps to keep my skin nourished, meaning that when the Summer months arrive I won't feel like I need a total makeover.

Ankle Boots:  Perfect for transitional wear...ankle boots can be worn with tights to keep the chill out and come Summer you can don them with a floral dress to welcome the sunshine.  I love these from Mr Price.

Cath Kidston Sewing Kit:  This little kit makes my heart sing...I spotted some at Exclusive Books so snatch one up to look ever the chic seamstress.  Gone are the days of darning socks next to the fireplace, but use your threads to add some embellishments or new buttons to old favourites.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment:  This doubles as a fix all remedy for dry lips or takes the sting out of burns should you burn yourself whilst baking your cupcakes.  Every domestic goddess should have this in her First Aid kit.

What are you loving this Winter and what can't you live without?

I wore this...

Several of my blogging friends have told me that I should do more outfit / "what I wore" posts...so here is one taken with my new Frankie magazine!

I decided to try a top knot in my hair - easier said than done, but it lasted for the day.  Check out this post from Who What Wear to get the look.
Glasses - Miss Sixty
Denim Waistcoat - Vintage
Grey Cardi - Country Road
Tan Belt - Vintage
Dress - Mr Price Project
Shoes - Mr Price

Let me know your thoughts on posts like this.  I look forward to your comments.

Sheer Joy

The Package Project is well on its way at the moment.  Remember to add your photos to the flickr group.
Please mail me if you have / are experiencing any problems or just want to share your joy!

Pretty Packages received by Louise from Super Duper

Oh No!

This weeks blogging is very much on hold due to a cable that runs under the sea...called SEACOM.  It is down and it is what connects the majority of South Africa to the internet.  I got this little gap to do a quick post and to tell you that I will try and stop by when I can.  The joy of living in third world Africa!  Still...we make the most of it!  I am almost ready to don a diving suit and to delve into the big blue to go and sort it out! 
Happy weekend and hope to be back soon!

These are some of my new vintage buttons - in love!

If you are in London...

If you lucky enough to be in London then take a look at these cool workshops being hosted by Lady Luck Jewels!  Oh this would be so much fun!  So...to my London friends...make use of being in the big city and have some fun for all of us SA crafters that wish we could jet over.  What I wouldn't do for that little Russian dolly!

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