Durban is in the midst of Winter - nothing to really complain about, but still we need to dress a little warmer.

My Winter Survival Kit includes:

Bright Vintage Brooches:  These add some sparkle to Winter days.

Bio Oil:  I add just two drops to my moisturizer each night - meaning no dull, wintry skin.  You can also add some to your bath water for a luxurious soak.  I work in an air conditioned environment all day and Bio Oil really helps to keep my skin nourished, meaning that when the Summer months arrive I won't feel like I need a total makeover.

Ankle Boots:  Perfect for transitional wear...ankle boots can be worn with tights to keep the chill out and come Summer you can don them with a floral dress to welcome the sunshine.  I love these from Mr Price.

Cath Kidston Sewing Kit:  This little kit makes my heart sing...I spotted some at Exclusive Books so snatch one up to look ever the chic seamstress.  Gone are the days of darning socks next to the fireplace, but use your threads to add some embellishments or new buttons to old favourites.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment:  This doubles as a fix all remedy for dry lips or takes the sting out of burns should you burn yourself whilst baking your cupcakes.  Every domestic goddess should have this in her First Aid kit.

What are you loving this Winter and what can't you live without?