Oh No!

This weeks blogging is very much on hold due to a cable that runs under the sea...called SEACOM.  It is down and it is what connects the majority of South Africa to the internet.  I got this little gap to do a quick post and to tell you that I will try and stop by when I can.  The joy of living in third world Africa!  Still...we make the most of it!  I am almost ready to don a diving suit and to delve into the big blue to go and sort it out! 
Happy weekend and hope to be back soon!

These are some of my new vintage buttons - in love!


  1. Haha Nads, yes plese dive in and sort it out in a sweet vintage wetsuit:D

  2. Sure thing...vintage, polka-dot suit it is! :-) *So ridiculous that there isn't a back up - there are blogs to write, don't they care! Thanks for the comment hun.x

  3. Boo! I hate when the internet is down and I hope you are not going through withdrawal..haha :P

    I like the yellow button, it is so cute.

  4. feeling your pain! today is the first day of the whole week that the internet has been working properly at work! don't want to jinx it but hoping it stays that way!
    Have a lovely weekend

  5. I just had a minute were it wasn't working agian. Impossible it is! Hope we never go without the intenet again.

    Thanks Katyha - really love those buttons!



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