A Special Gift

It was a dear friend's birthday on Tuesday and I thought a truly special gift was in order.  I started my search a while ago as I was looking for a beautiful vintage cup and sauce, preferably with a floral motif on it.  I was lucky enough to finally discover one made of fine bone china...fit for a real lady!  Next I decided to figure out how to make a pin cushion - this specific friend has a brooch collection to rival my own and I thought a pin cushion to display her jewels on was a pretty and practical idea.  I found a step by step tutorial on mmmcrafts.  I really loved making it and found the stuffing part of the process quite therapeutic.  I went to one of my favourite antique shops to find a floral themed small bowl to fit the pin cushion in - just to round it off.  Pretty wrapping and some extra love and care made this gift a treat to create and give.