I heart Market visits far away...

I hope your weekend was just lovely.  Mine was fairly relaxing.  I did catch up with a lovely friend for a long chat, strawberries and shortbread as well as shop for new buttons and work on some products for next weeks I heart Market.

I thought I would kick off the week and share something new and exciting with you.

Circus is a bookazine with global contributors - in their own words:

"When worlds collide, something new is born: From the ultimate clash between online and print came CIRCUS – the very first international blogger bookazine. The avant-garde journalists of the internet contribute bi-annually to a new, monothematic issue of the CIRCUS series. They write in their mother tongue about the questions that burn inside them and they show us the world as they see it through their words, photos and illustrations."

It is fifteen days to go until it is available and I can only imagine how extraordinary this collection of opinions and thoughts will be.  New perspective is always welcome and with publications like Frankie and Love giving us a new view on the world why not invite Circus into your life to.

I was very honoured to do a post for them sharing some of 'our' world or rather some of Durban life.  I heart Market is a joyful calendar date in my diary and to best reflect a slice of my life I decided to share of pieces of it.  See my post here and check out more of the bookazine here...