Oh! What a day!

August has been quite a month for me...in amongst normal life my Bridal Shower happened and what a lovely and beautiful day it was.  Although the wedding is only in November, it was held early as my MOH (maid of honour) lives in Cape Town and we thought it best to avoid the pre-wedding rush.  The theme was 50's Housewife and my Mom together with my bridesmaids did such a wondrous job. 

Thank you so much my delightful ones!  Another thank you to Tori who took the photos and to my friends and family for spoiling me.  Cupcakes, presents, friends...these are a few of my favourite things...


  1. Oh wow, it all looks amazing! What a lovely day that must have been :-) xxx

  2. You just looked so beautiful - that green skirt - AMAZO!!! How pretty are all the nibbles, I want to eat some more. Such a special day. Your wedding is going to be INSANE x

  3. That's a very clever theme for a bridal shower :-) All the pastries look good, and I love the heart belts.

    Belated Happy Bridal Shower! (for lack of a better greeting)

  4. Thank you for commenting.
    It was lovely indeed!
    I hope I fulfill your ideas of what the wedding will be like Lauren.
    Thank you for wishing me elle!

  5. looked so special x

  6. Thanks Jo...it really was! :-)

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  8. Man. thats SO awesome :) I hope my bridesmaids do something as cool for me. WOW!


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