This week...

This week I am:
Thankful for a happy weekend spent with friends and family.
Wishing for a couple of extra hours sleep.
Thinking how fun it is to dance the night away.
Hoping for sunny weekend weather so that I can take some photos.
Coming up with wedding decor ideas.
Reading and browsing Lottie Loves.

Decor idea via Overlooking Mississippi

Pretty dots on Lottie Loves...


  1. found you through sophiesweetvintage blog.
    I love your blog and will be back to browse some more!

  2. Lovely to have you here.
    Thank you and feel free to browse. x

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I would love to see the mason jar pics at your wedding :)

  4. that polka~dotted bicycle is soooo cute!!!

    You have a wonderful site!


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