Bee Sting & D.H. Lawrence

Mid-week and the we are halfway to the weekend!  This past weekend was just lovely!  I spent Saturday buying my wedding dress fabric.  There was even enough time to wander off and meet Daniel for brunch at Corner Cafe which was exactly what my soul needed.  We also decided to scour a few antique shops in search of wedding props and decor and despite the fact that we found neither...I did invest in this delightful red tin.  I also got a handful of glass buttons which fitted perfectly inside!  Bliss!  This left the afternoon for relaxation, reading and my takeaway Bee Sting from Corner Cafe.  Time for another weekend...

The D.H. Lawrence Penguin (love the cover) book is from Casey (siblingmine) which she gave me for my birthday...along with the tray cloth.  It came with quite an impressive picnic basket!  What joy to have a friend like her in my life!

Happy Wednesday!