Call for Submissions: Contribute

31 October 2010

Hello dear readers

With our wedding being just less than a month away I am calling for submissions.  In order to have a small break I am opening up the blog to guest posts from far and wide.

Email me if you are interested
Submit your guest post:  Content has to be original and not a repost from your blog.
You can blog about anything you like - inspiration, fashion, craft, diy etc...
Posts can be long or short, written content or more photo based.

All other details will be covered via email.

I hope that you will consider this lovely opportunity.
Wishing you a wonderful week!

a shoe story

28 October 2010

If I could trot down to Selfridges this minute I would!  London calling...

Selfridges the grand dame of Oxford Street has opened a shoe heaven - The Shoe Galleries.  If shoes are art then it is only fit they get housed in an adequate home.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of their Shoes Paper - a newsworthy collection of on trend shoes and the shoe stories of many an addict. 

Shoes...beautiful shoes...are essential to our existence.  The art of a shoe lies in the silhouette, the finer details, the fit and understanding that if you can walk into your future one stride at a time then make sure you do it in style - as small feat to say the least.

So whether you dream of the signature structural style of Nicholas Kirkwood or the stupendously architectural shoes straight from the runway The Shoe Galleries has a shoe for even the most unlikeliest Cinderella.

Read the shoe stories here...

Wedding Books

27 October 2010

I might or might not have mentioned that the theme for our wedding is...writing your own story in life and love.  We have been shopping for old books for a while now and around our home are small piles of books just waiting to get carted off to the wedding venue.  They are a fun decor element and something we can keep afterwards or even have rebound at Ikhaya to use as notebooks in which to write our story...

More wedding prep photos to come soon!  Not long to go - almost time to start counting sleeps!  I am off to a dress fitting this afternoon and am so excited.

Sponsor Welcome

25 October 2010

Welcome to Mooi - the first sponsor on my blog! 
This coming weekend they are having a little party...Durban bloggers come and join the Mooi Girls for some Pimms and a peep around their shop.

This week I am dreaming of French decadence and far away places, reading Vogue all day, eating macaroons and sipping champagne. 
This week I am hoping to be productive and positive.  What are your new week goals and dreams?
Happy week and keep dreaming!

See more inspiration here.

Boston Ivy

21 October 2010

We have been working with Boston Ivy on our wedding flowers.  So happy with their insight and ideas.  I spotted a few promising blooms around the shop this past week.  All the wedding plans are coming together right before our eyes. 

Interpret Durban

18 October 2010

Our city, our inspiration, our lives, our love...

Some very clever friends are doing some very good things for this little city I call home.
Make us proud Durban creatives...see more on Street Scene.

Hello & Poll

17 October 2010

Sorry for the lack of a real post, but I have spent the whole weekend working on our wedding invites.  Hard work, but so lovely to almost be finished.  Wishing* you a happy week.
If you have a moment please take my poll on the left of the blog - your thoughts are important to me so please share them.  Thank you so much readers!

Lucky Cupcake

14 October 2010

I received Handmade Nation from a friend as a thank you gift.  What a generous gift and how suited to my handmade needs.  It explores the rise of DIY, Art, Craft and Design.  The book is filled with images of various creative's studios and provides some amazing insight into the craft world in America.  Whoever told you that the infamous Recession started it...didn't know what they were talking about.  Craft and creation brings joy and there is no quote truer than the one below to capture that.

Some sites to explore:

Saturday's Snaps*

13 October 2010

*New on the mantel
*Terry's pretty pictures at Ikhaya
*Cute Car Glenwood

Running in Heels

11 October 2010

There was definitely some running in heels, heavy lugging, a late night and an early start - all worth it in the name of fashion or Fashion Week (I mentioned my trip a little while ago).  Amber's collection for Mr Price was beautiful and inspiring and I was honoured to be able to share in the preparation leading up to the show as well as the backstage flurry.   Fashion joy!
Our hotel (12 Decades) was quite interesting to say the least.  Different to what you usually get, but inspiring in its own right.

Here are a couple of snaps from a busy 24 hours.

The room I stayed in was designed by Love Jozi.  The bedspread was a giant t-shirt!

To make things even better - two of my favourite people came to join me!  Take a look at Glossary and Sibling Mine for their city experiences.  You can also see more of our weekend adventures and Ms Glossy's birthday too.

In the Fashion Loop - the Mr Price blog has covered all the details of the shows so be sure to click your way over!

Market Round Up

10 October 2010

All the I heart Market stalls are really special and the people behind them even more so, but last week these caught my eye...

Antique Stall

happy weekend

09 October 2010

I know I am a day late, but happy weekend anyway!

*Celebrating a birthday with Glossary and Sibling Mine.
*Meeting new and interesting people.
*Looking for photography inspiration from here and here.
*Appreciating this sentimental idea from Freckled Nest.
*Crafting, creating, tidying and wedding dreaming.


Cafe Couture

06 October 2010

Paris...the place where my dreams live and where the Sweat Shop ladies create and invite you to join them.  I am in love with this cool concept! 

In their own words -


Less buying – more trying!

Sweat Shop is a "cafe couture", a new creative concept situated near hotspot canal St Martin in Paris. Imagine 10 work stations equipped with 10 SINGER sewing machines and one central communal table. Join one of the 5 courses that are being offered every week and perfect your knitting and sewing skills or meet one of our guest designers in town for an encounter.

Not unlike a cyber cafe, you come whenever you please, rent a state of the art sewing machine by the hour and start sewing.

Welcome to a world of creativity, a place of discovery, of DIY ethics, a piping hot cup of tea and funky furniture. Enjoy organic delicacies courtesy of our New York neighbors at Bob's Juice Bar.

Enter into a serene atmosphere where work and relaxation go hand in hand.
Bored of buying, wearing, throwing away?

Fix that seam, make a dress out of those trousers or even design and create a brand new silhouette.

Sweat Shop is the place where your dreams and projects come alive. And it's here for those wanting to learn, create, transform, practice or recycle in a stress free and well equipped environment.

Market Love

04 October 2010

I wasn't meant to have a stall this month at I heart Market, but I got creating and decided that I just could not miss it.  Luckily I have a lovely friend who didn't mind sharing her stall space with me!  Thanks Danka!
It was quite nice to just arrive and decide to do the market and I had such a good day because I got to chat to other stall holders and friends! 

At the moment I am a little bit behind on work on all fronts and hope to get back on track this week so please bare with me as my posting gets up to date.

Hello to the new week...enjoy yours!