a shoe story

If I could trot down to Selfridges this minute I would!  London calling...

Selfridges the grand dame of Oxford Street has opened a shoe heaven - The Shoe Galleries.  If shoes are art then it is only fit they get housed in an adequate home.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of their Shoes Paper - a newsworthy collection of on trend shoes and the shoe stories of many an addict. 

Shoes...beautiful shoes...are essential to our existence.  The art of a shoe lies in the silhouette, the finer details, the fit and understanding that if you can walk into your future one stride at a time then make sure you do it in style - as small feat to say the least.

So whether you dream of the signature structural style of Nicholas Kirkwood or the stupendously architectural shoes straight from the runway The Shoe Galleries has a shoe for even the most unlikeliest Cinderella.

Read the shoe stories here...