Guest Post: Emma-Jane

29 November 2010

Hi, I'm Emma-Jane from emmajanenation. I'm an almost wed, almost design graduate. I have one more year of studying and then who knows. The creative world is my oyster! Thanks very much to Nadia for having me :) and come visit k! x

For glamours 70th birthday they did a shoot, using up and coming hollywood starlets, styled as famous american icons over the past seven decades. These are my favorites and I even went and researched the originals to include the post and they're pretty spot on! nice!

there are a few more over at the US Glamour website

(stop, look, listen, love)

26 November 2010

*happy weekend*
beautiful illustrations from Clare Owen

Guest Post: Kristi Kyle

25 November 2010

My name is Kristi Kyle and I run Kristi Kyle Jewelry from my workstation at home. I am mommy to the most amazing baby boy - His name is Jesse, 6 months old, and I swear he's perfect. I have moved around the last few years, but have settled this year in Hillcrest where I supply handmade jewelry collections for local boutiques. I discovered the craft of jewelry making while I was living in California and I have never put my tools down ever since!

I am not sure when I first laid eyes on the whimsical art of the flower bib necklace, but I have been in love with them ever since. I purposed to make one of my own someday and when a dear friend of mine had a 21st birthday on the horizon, I jumped at the chance to try my luck at one for her gift.

I ‘you-tubed’ how to make ribbon flowers and went to work using a taupe and champagne colour palette. I sketched an approximate shape for my bib on one piece of scrap fabric and traced the same shape onto felt. I cut the shapes out and glued my flowers, buttons and goodies on the fabric shape only. Actually, for this very first bib I was totally insecure and hand-sewed every detail together. Two pieces of equal length ribbon are then glued or sewn onto the fabric to secure your necklace. Lastly, glue the felt shape onto the back to hide the mess. And there you have it. I’ve been addicted ever since!

To wear your very own, you can visit my etsy shop or contact me for local orders. Here are a few other lovely ladies showcasing their creations.
{ P.S: Woolworths has a pretty cute denim version at the moment too}

Pretty Peaches

24 November 2010

*More lovely illustrations on Claudia Pearson's Etsy Site.

A new week & a new chapter

22 November 2010

Hello dear blog readers

As some of you might know by now (by my constant musings) our wedding is this week!  My dress is made, my shoes are ready (all three pairs), and the butterflies in my stomach are a flutter.

I have one or two more guest post spots left and there is one more day to send me your idea/post.  It is a lovely opportunity to share your creativity and life with Cupcake Couture readers.  Mail me here.

Thank you for voting in the poll that I ran a couple of weeks ago.  The highest voted request was more DIY posts.  Once the wedding is over and life settles again - I will be sure to get creative and come up with some delightful ideas for you.

Over Christmas Cupcake Couture will be available at Mooi in Glenwood and Lady Jane Vintage in Durban North.  Looking towards the new year - I will be working hard on new stock and expanding ideas and spreading the CC love!

I will be trying to fit in one more I heart Market for 2010, but can't promise just yet.  I will keep you updated.

Thank you for all your lovely comments.  Please be nice to all the guest posters and show them the love too!

Signing out for now - you can look forward to some post wedding sharing when I return!  Au revoir ma biche! 

P.S. ~ I am really enjoying this blog of the talented photographer and artist Jeana Sohn.  She does amazing 'Closet Visits'.

Friday afternoon's adventure...

Let's go fly a kite...ride a bike!
Friday afternoon was one big adventure and bought so many childhood memories back of holidays spent riding my bike.
Casey launched her Girls Bike Out tours...we started at the Elangeni Hotel and cycled to the stadium and back down to Ushaka.
Picnic (part Ciao Bella / part Chef Casey) + Bikes = beautiful, blissful afternoon.
Can't wait to do it again!

 These pics are from Amelia's blog - The Sometimes Zoo.
You can also look out for Sarah's photos on Through these Blue Irides
Lovely to share this adventure with new and old friends!

Ribbon Rosettes & Riding

19 November 2010

Last night was Street Scene's Interpret Durban competition and besides being a judge I also got to make ribbon rosettes for the judges and winners to wear.  The work of the entrants was interesting and reflected our fine city in obvious ways and not such obvious ways (a t-rex riding a wave?).  Interesting and certainly not rehashed.

Colombo the venue du jour leant itself to be transformed into a curated space filled with Durban creatives.  I didn't have much time to snap shots in the dim light, but watch out for a prize worthy post from Lauren over at Glossary!  Her new camera lens is rocking our worlds!

I am beyond excited for the launch of Sibling Mine's Girls Bike Out this afternoon - will do a seperate post about that.
Happy weekend!

Garter & Hanger Details

17 November 2010

I am in full wedding mode and I hope that you are all still enjoying seeing the details that are going into our day.  There is only ten sleeps to go - I can hardly believe it.

This is the collection of details that I handed over to have my garter made as well as the hanger for my dress.  The hanger is being made by my mom and the garter by the mom of one of my bridesmaids.  The buttons are from my treasured collection with some being newly added - thanks to Jo from Button Candy who gave them to me as little gifts.

I am so excited that I can barely do my work!

Trying On Tea

15 November 2010

On Saturday I had a little 'trying on tea' for my bridesmaids.  It was lovely to have them all together and to see how their outfits look.  I couldn't let them leave without something delicious and one of my dear bridesmaids made a retro inspired tart. 
 For each of them I bought drawstring bags to use for their accessories and put a little thank you gift inside.

I really want them to feel like themselves and be comfortable on the wedding day and so I had Danka of Black Butterfly make skirts.  I bought tops and had pumps that the day won't feel so long in heels!  I think they are all quite happy with this!  Long gone are the days of perfectly matched bridesmaids with uncomfortable, scratchy dresses (that they can never wear again).  Enter the pretty, happy bridesmaid who isn't cursing you mid-ceremony for making her look like a cream puff from the 80's.

Thank you bridesmaids for being so lovely!

Oh and I spotted this via Frankie - Portobello Bride.
This is also the last week to submit guest posts - so please send me an email if you would like to contribute.

Sending you love and luck for your new week readers!

Parasols, Parties & Planning

12 November 2010

These pretty pink parasols come with DIY instructions - make them and add them to your weekend drinks.  You might have seen them over on A Field Journal, but I just loved them and thought I would share again.

Tomorrow I am having a 'Trying On Tea' for my bridesmaids.  In two weeks time I will be getting ready to set up our wedding venue.  For now...I need to finalise and plan a couple of last minute things!

Wishing you a happy weekend!

10 November 2010

Visit Lady Jane Vintage here.

What special treasures do you have?

08 November 2010

Some treasures that I have in my home:
Found the vintage Vogue patterns recently and loved the colours and styles of the dresses shown. 
The sunglasses are Dior from my dear granny.   
The Ball jar is something rare that I am happy to have found on an antique hunt.
White buttons - perfect and neutral for a project I worked on recently.

07 November 2010

Totally in love with these at the moment:

Rue Magazine - View it online.
The shoot with the girls is a visual treat!  Think candy dreams and bright colours!

Do it in Paris - View it here
A site dedicated to making your Parisian 'to do' list easy to plan.

DIY Tutorials from How about Orange
So much to make so little time.

Decorative Tape:  I need so much of it!  Perfect for all types of craft.

A new month calendar download from one of my favourite bloggers.

Wishing you a happy week!  Three weeks and counting until our wedding! - pretty and fun!

Peony season is here

04 November 2010

That special and short time in the year has arrived - Peony season.  A favourite bloom for many.  Waiting for these three to open to their full glory.

I have also fixed the email link in my submission post - sorry for any confusion.
Thank you for the post ideas so far - loving them all!