Guest Post: Kristi Kyle

My name is Kristi Kyle and I run Kristi Kyle Jewelry from my workstation at home. I am mommy to the most amazing baby boy - His name is Jesse, 6 months old, and I swear he's perfect. I have moved around the last few years, but have settled this year in Hillcrest where I supply handmade jewelry collections for local boutiques. I discovered the craft of jewelry making while I was living in California and I have never put my tools down ever since!

I am not sure when I first laid eyes on the whimsical art of the flower bib necklace, but I have been in love with them ever since. I purposed to make one of my own someday and when a dear friend of mine had a 21st birthday on the horizon, I jumped at the chance to try my luck at one for her gift.

I ‘you-tubed’ how to make ribbon flowers and went to work using a taupe and champagne colour palette. I sketched an approximate shape for my bib on one piece of scrap fabric and traced the same shape onto felt. I cut the shapes out and glued my flowers, buttons and goodies on the fabric shape only. Actually, for this very first bib I was totally insecure and hand-sewed every detail together. Two pieces of equal length ribbon are then glued or sewn onto the fabric to secure your necklace. Lastly, glue the felt shape onto the back to hide the mess. And there you have it. I’ve been addicted ever since!

To wear your very own, you can visit my etsy shop or contact me for local orders. Here are a few other lovely ladies showcasing their creations.
{ P.S: Woolworths has a pretty cute denim version at the moment too}