Guest Post: Pretty Peculiarities

Hello everyone! I'm Jenny from Pretty Peculiarities.  I'm from Sweden, but am married to a South African, so I live part time in Durban. Right now, we're suffering the coldest winter in 100 years in Stockholm, so finding things to do inside is essential. I've always loved working with paper and pens, and have made my own Christmas cards for years. This year I thought I'd use some of the lovely Japanese origami – or washi – paper that I collect. I think they look quite festive and often come in very Christmasy colours.

You'll need a few assorted sheets of washi paper, though any other nice patterned paper will serve just as well, and also some monocoloured paper or cardboard to use as a base for the cards. Scissors, paper glue, some nice envelopes and pens. Draw letters and whatever other seasonal shapes you fancy on the back of the washi paper (remember to draw the letters backwards) and cut them out carefully.
Arrange the letters and shapes on the monocoloured papers, combining what you think looks best together, and start glueing! Save a few of the smaller shapes for the envelopes and glue them on as well. By the way, GOD JUL is how you would greet a Swede come Christmas.

Since the washi papers I used were quite busy, I kept the design rather simple, but depending on the pattern (and your scissors skill!) you can get as creative as you want. I believe handmade cards are always appreciated a little bit more than store bought ones, and in this digital age something arriving in the post is bound to please.