Guest Post: the windmill diary

Hi.  I am Terry from The Windmill Diary.
I only recently started to call myself and artist although I have always done something creative.  I am really loving just simply painting and drawing again and have been very lucky that people have responded well to my work.  I am still new at this so exploring all kinds of ideas and techniques.

I love drawing the natural world, birds, proteas etc, and also quirky old things like vintage dolls, typewriters, shoes.  In honor of Nadia's wedding, here is a pic of a drawing I did recently of someone's wedding shoes.

I am working on using paper in a more sculptural way and these are my first attempts.I am working on this concept for an exhibition I am calling "Paper Trail" at Fat Tuesday gallery in Kloof, Durban planned for 15th February to 6th March.

*see more of my work on my blog