new corsages

The Christmas cake crumbs are all that are left and cracker wrappings are all cleared up... I hope you had a charming Christmas!

I have been hard at work making new stock.  Here are a few ribbon corsages/rosettes I have been working on.  They are made from ribbon and sold on printed cards - making them the perfect gift, if I do say so myself.  Back to ribbon cutting for me - loads more to do and make.


  1. Awe, they're so cool! I love them. I think I need to buy at least one.

    Hope you've had a lovely Christmas!

  2. Those are gaaawgus friend! Merry merry, hope you had a great one:)

  3. These are seriously stylish! I just found your lovely blog!
    Happy New year!
    Rachie xo

  4. They are gorgeous! Any progress with the Etsy shop?

  5. Beautiful! I have been working too. Trying to get ahead of the curve!
    Thanks for your friendship and support. A very happy, fulfilling and significant 2011 to you guys!

  6. Hope you all had a very happy NEW YEAR! Thank you for the comments and the kind words...they always warm my heart and make the blogging so worth it! x


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