List Love

1.\  Very excited to take part in the February I heart Market!
2.\  Thank you for this very sweet and kind mention from a very lovely lady!
3.\  Make someone feel special this week - notice if they look pretty or have done something well.  You could really make their day.  Use the pictured poster as some inspiration (from Kind Over Matter).
4.\  I love sending and receiving post.  Send a letter, write a note or wrap a little package for a friend.
5.\  Do something kind for yourself...go to bed early, paint your nails or take some time out...have a cup of tea in a quite place and be happy!

Tea and Macaroons - Margaret Rose


  1. love this post! Just painted my nails and made some tea, its just the little things that make a girl happy!

  2. That sounds delightful and you are so right - it is the little things! x

  3. Lovely list! Its great to take time out for yourself sometimes. Oh and i love receiving letters!

  4. what a lovely post!


  5. lovely post!
    i'm taking some time out to read the new elle and have a cupcake :)

  6. Such a great idea, I'm so on that theme at the moment, I'm really enjoying making things for people in 2011. Looking forward to The Package Project coming around again :)

    May I add that you always gave me the nicest compliments everytime I saw you, so you are truly supreme at making someone's day xx

  7. aaah i love all of these things! :) yay!

  8. That market sounds great, good luck with it! The photo that Margaret Rose made is beautiful. Macaroons really are great for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner ;))


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