Zazie fait de la bicyclette, bicyclette bicyclette

Bunting - Cupcake Couture

It was my friend Casey's birthday recently and of course that meant I had to think of a pretty and interesting gift for the girl who bought Frankie magazine to our little town of Durban!
She is clever, creative and did I mention she is also a doctor...there is a lot of 'amazingness' going on there!  Flattery aside - I thought that this bicycle bunting that I sewed and made some fun packaging for was just right to add to a couple of other gifts for Casey.
Bicycle bunting can be strung along your bicycle basket and soon you will be pedalling pretty with the bunting flapping in the breeze.

*If you still haven't made it on one of Sibling Mine's (Casey) bike outs then make sure you email her to find out when the next ride is!  Heavenly fun!
And to add to your bicyclette days...A very happy song by the Plastiscines.  *Take a listen.