A button shaped heart...

2011 has been a good year so far...all three days of it! 
I have been cleaning and gleaning my cupboards, pantry, craft space and wardrobe and even managed to save some pieces to hand over to new friends at The Thrift Collection.  Not to let all go thrifting - some of my wardrobe 'has beens' also made their way to the ever grateful SPCA

I started my new Frankie diary (bought via Sibling Mine) and attended a penguin party...confusing?  Click over to Penguin's blog and see just what I mean!

In the spirit of new starts, donations and cleaning out please take a minute to read my button hunt and collection below:
The button collection is aimed at making sure precious buttons don't go to waste!  I hear more often than I would like - that people don't know what to do with old buttons and so they just throw them away!  Horrid to my button loving ears.

Please help me to collect buttons...you would be surprised to know just how many there are out there that are not being used!

Why do I want them?
Good question!  You might have noticed that Cupcake Couture makes vintage inspired accessories and in order to make each one special I hunt and scrounge for vintage buttons.  Besides making accessories I am also a very dedicated donor of all my left over sewing pieces....this is where the SPCA comes in.
In the past year the SPCA in Kloof, Durban has found a new home for 202 cats and 673 dogs.  To allow them to continue to do this - buttons can help.  This specific branch has a small sewing shop and all the buttons that I don't use will go to them to sell and make more money to help as many animals as they can in 2011.  Small contribution - big happy heart!

For further details of sending the buttons (even if you are not in Durban) - please email me.

Looking forward to sharing the buttons!  To show you just how much I care - each button donor (big or small) will get a Cupcake Couture ribbon rosette!

P.S. ~ Button picture from here...