Dumpling Dynasty Dolly

I know...she is just adorable!
I was mostly conned into buying this dolly because of the kitsch tin that she came in, but on discovering all that was inside - I was very happy with my purchase.
Dumpling Dynasty use kitsch, Chinese packaging as the inspiration behind their products.  Take a look at their site for more bright and happy designs!


  1. It looks like an amazing set! I have to look into Dumpling Dynasty :).

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. i love these tins, and just wish we could get the cookie jar tins locally too.

  3. She is just adorable Nads!

  4. Wonderful! I saw one of these tins in a Cape Town shop the other day and had to have, but was waaayy too expensive. (Was the delivery costs to SA okay?)

  5. Thanks for the comments.
    Carin - I will mail you.
    She is just pretty to look at.


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