A few lovely things...

I found this amazing punch last year when I was doing some random stationery shopping.  It is such a great find and punches corners to look like a doily!  I wish we could find more Martha Stewart supplies in South Africa.

We had some stamps made for our wedding via Lisa and Jo stationery, our invite had the same 'logo' on it.  They work perfectly now too - when we send a card or post something which is from the both of us.  Very regal I think...

Have you entered this wonderful giveaway from Mint?  You can pop over to Coelho Culture to enter.  It is quite a generous giveaway and would look lovely in any home!

Hope you are having a happy week!


  1. I wish we could get them in the UK as well! They are gorgeous xo

  2. Beautiful! The stamp is a wonderful idea - what a pretty way to personalize a card!


  3. thx for the mention!

  4. soOo in loOove with yOr blOg!!!
    follOwing x


  5. LOVE the stamps hun!
    Have a super weekend x


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