This week there is much on my to do list - don't let list get in the way of life.  We need them to know what we still have to do, but every now and again make a list of fun things to achieve...that way life won't only be about groceries and appointments!

I specifically like this unconventional list...The Notebook Doodles.
Thank you Katrina from Pugly Pixel for telling me where find the work of this talented doodler.

I find that my to do lists sometimes make me focus on have to keep running to reach your goals.  Take a water break and have a slice of cake (preferably with someone you adore)!

Cake & Company - found via here.

I wish I could pack lightly - all I need is the beautiful things shown in this picture found here.

I am packing for a weekend away and an adventure with a dear friend!  Quite excited!
When packing for your day - remember to take along a smile, a sincere compliment to handout and a some strength in case your day is tough!

A couple of pretty things on my list that I love...
Wearing something unique like these designs Clarissa Labin.

 Unusual Valentines - Spread the love and send someone something special.  My favourite is from Misako Mimoko.
Happy list making!