A long day...

31 March 2011

On Sunday I had a long day...a very long day!  I was invited to take part in an expo (no names will be mentioned).  I tend to not take part in many markets as I don't always have enough time to make products over and above what I do for I heart Market and the shops I supply.  I thought in this case that I should be brave, do the work and take part.  I arrived in high spirits - ready to make the best of an unknown situation.  The expo attracted a lot of people, but the type who weren't there to spend and weren't into quirky or cute things.  The day proceeded to be filled with the funniest questions about my brooches.  I know Cupcake Couture can be a confusing name, but cupcakes have been a love of mine for a very long time and inspire me.  At the expo I had a pretty sign up explaining exactly what it is that I make.  Some people read it...some people frowned while they glanced at it and others just acted plain weird.  I got questions like...'are your brooches edible?' (and that was not the worst of them).  Anyway...back to I heart Market this weekend, safe territory with people who seem to understand handmade!  Thank goodness!  Lesson learnt - business isn't always easy, but stick to what you believe in spite of the naysayers!

The day was made better by having a stall next to the lovely Kirsty from Macaroon Cafe.
In the picture - a new corsage that will be for sale on Saturday - the button in the middle is from Paris.
Macaroons downloaded from Pugly Pixel.


30 March 2011

Edible buttons to be precise.  I would never be able to eat these - they are just too perfect and amazing.

I heart Market

29 March 2011

It is another busy week here at Cupcake Couture!
One very exciting thing - is the fact that it is I heart Market on Saturday.
I have added an additonal table to my usual stall on which I will be allowing you to make your own brooch.  All the elements will be ready for selection so you can get really creative and have lots of fun!

Hope to see you there!

26 March 2011

My List:

Finally the weekend is here, but to be honest my weekend has been busier than my week!  I have spent almost all my time stocking up on new supplies for some orders that I am working on...heaps and heaps of ribbon, some pretty buttons and a couple of packaging options.  I will keep you updated on what I am working on.

I am really looking forward to I heart Market which is next week Saturday (2nd April) and tomorrow I will be having a stall at an expo.  I am quite nervous about it as it is a totally new environment and I am uncertain of how it will go. 

Tonight I would like to go and watch Fulka play at Unit 11 as well as listen to the sweet tunes played by a friend, but to be honest I am rather tired and need to make sure all is in order for tomorrow's early start.

Life isn't all work...last night Daniel and I attended the #Durban Tweet Up where we got to meet Tweeters from Durban.  We had such fun, laughed and made loads of new friends. 

Hope you are having fun this weekend!

Here of a list of things that I loved this week:

French General's site (found via Paper Pastries) is so beautiful!  Now...if only I could visit the shop.
Cakies blog makes for very happy reading.  What a cute family!
This song by She & Him makes my heart sing (video found via Cakies)!
Tiny Toadstool - beautiful photos!

 Cakies - A new favourite read.

A mention...

24 March 2011

Two mentions in two mags... Fair Lady (March issue) and Elle (April).  Always makes me feel proud and grateful for the kind people in my life.  In the Fair Lady feature you can read some of Lauren's 'must visit' Durban spots.

In Elle I am wearing a vintage dress that I really love.  I found at the SPCA in Kloof for about R25 with a belt that I have had for ages, but still treasure.  The dress is in a pristine condition and looks almost hand sewn.  The pumps are from Mr Price and so comfortable.  Sometimes my favourite wardrobe items are also my cheapest.

My lovely friends are featured too - Casey, Lauren and Pippa. Durban beauties!


23 March 2011

Aske Ashe is having a lovely giveaway to celebrate the birthday of her blog.  Macaroons...a pretty frock and many a pretty delight await you.

Cupcake Couture together with Natalie Louise are celebrating too - one of our brooches on which we collaborated is included in the prizes.

Good luck and happy, happy birthday to Aske Ashe!

Let's Talk: Blogging

22 March 2011

I often have long discussions with my fellow blogging friends.  We talk about everything that blogging involves, we share tips, we talk about our favourite blogs and what we love (and dislike) about blogging, social media and these interesting times in which we find ourselves.  As naturally as woman talk about men, shopping, diets and let's face it other women so blogging has also begun to feature.  But...what if all your friends don't blog and what if you want to share and find out things like how to get the most out of your blog, make it pretty and how to deal with comments, giveaways and so on.  Well...this is what this new series of posts are all about.  It is an open platform or forum for you to ask questions, share knowledge and become the type of blogger your heart desires. 

Unfortunately...there is often a desire for those in the know to keep it that way, but I stand by the idea of sharing knowledge and learning from where and whom I can.  No one will ever be able to be just like you, see the world through your eyes or even feel how you feel so there is no harm in the best blogging abilities being stolen or taken away from you. 

I hope you enjoy some of these resources on blogging.  As I hone my skills - so I will share what I know and if you feel there is something I should know then please share it with me and the rest of the blog readers.  Enjoy, be creative and don't let blogging become a burden.  Keep it light and fun! Blogging need not be about who has best camera, computer or graphic skills.

Something very important:  Crediting Images
We are constantly reminded to credit the work of others and to list sources.  I found a very well written opinion piece on the matter (via oh, hello friend).  Take a look at this post by frolic! for more on credits.

Design Sponge lead me to this clever poster designed by Pia, Erin and Yvette which makes the whole process easier.

There are several blogs and sites that offer some very pretty and free downloads.  It is key, however to read the terms and conditions that accompany downloads. 

My favourites:
Pugly Pixel:  Katrina will be your new best friend with her free downloads.  Her blog speaks for itself and is full of inspiration.  Her premium membership offers you even more and for only five dollars a month...I can already hear the swipe of my credit card!

One of my favourite freebies from Pugly Pixel

Mellowmint:  Vintage resources which are perfect for a multitude of projects.  Remember that crediting what you use from this site is essential.  They are so beautiful - who can help, but tell the world where they came from!

The Graphics Fairy:  Karen waves her wand and shares her papery finds with us.

Big Huge Labs:  Perfect for a variety of fun photo actions.  My favourite being the mosaic, as well as the photo booth strips.

Rollip:  Adds a vintage tint to your photos with some of the effects giving you an almost 'lomo like' feel.

Macaroons from Daniela's that I snapped, then loaded into Rollip for an aged effect

Design *Sponge a favourite amongst creatives has a series called Biz Ladies which has some really amazing advice for bloggers and craft business owners.  The topics range from giveaways to growing your business as well as commenting (positive and negative).  Useful tips from industry specialists.

These are just a few of the resources that I have to share.  I have loads more saved up...so if you are already familiar with these then hopefully the next post will be of  more use to you. 

I would love to hear what you have to say on some of the topics I covered so please feel free to comment.

Happy blogging!

Frankie & Friends

21 March 2011

Just to let you know that I only have two copies of Frankie left (issue 40).
There are also two copies of Afternoon Tea for sale.
Spaces and Sweet Treats are available to order.

Email me for any enquires.

Wedding Photos: Cap Classique

16 March 2011

The lovely Gaby of Cap Classique invited me share some of our professional wedding photos with her.  You can pop over to her blog to see more and read an interview with me about our wedding.  I will share a couple more later in the week.

Here are a few for you to enjoy...

I heart Market: 5 March

14 March 2011

I heart Market was wonderful and fun as always.  Chatting to shoppers and fellow stall owners is always my highlight. 
I hope you enjoy seeing the details of my stall - I know I enjoyed making each item.

New rosettes on a tiered stand that Daniel helped me make.

Lomo badges
Deer corsage

Vintage Cups for sale

Postcard packs with envelopes - there are three designs in each pack

More of the stall

Hair Bands

Button Boxes
Thank you Lauren for these product shots!

Ribbon Rosettes

10 March 2011

Lot's and Lot's of rosettes on cards!  Which is your favourite?
The winner of the Mooi Dress Giveaway will be anounced later this eve.


08 March 2011

Some Cupcake Couture clips made recently.

Weekend Wonderment

04 March 2011

 Happy weekend!
This art by Janet Hill has a certain innocent quality to it which makes it all the more beautiful.
Hope to see you tomorrow at I heart Market.