My List:

Finally the weekend is here, but to be honest my weekend has been busier than my week!  I have spent almost all my time stocking up on new supplies for some orders that I am working on...heaps and heaps of ribbon, some pretty buttons and a couple of packaging options.  I will keep you updated on what I am working on.

I am really looking forward to I heart Market which is next week Saturday (2nd April) and tomorrow I will be having a stall at an expo.  I am quite nervous about it as it is a totally new environment and I am uncertain of how it will go. 

Tonight I would like to go and watch Fulka play at Unit 11 as well as listen to the sweet tunes played by a friend, but to be honest I am rather tired and need to make sure all is in order for tomorrow's early start.

Life isn't all work...last night Daniel and I attended the #Durban Tweet Up where we got to meet Tweeters from Durban.  We had such fun, laughed and made loads of new friends. 

Hope you are having fun this weekend!

Here of a list of things that I loved this week:

French General's site (found via Paper Pastries) is so beautiful!  Now...if only I could visit the shop.
Cakies blog makes for very happy reading.  What a cute family!
This song by She & Him makes my heart sing (video found via Cakies)!
Tiny Toadstool - beautiful photos!

 Cakies - A new favourite read.