Just Arrived

Spaces (from Frankie magazine) has arrived and is now for sale.
There are only three copies as I usually sell these by order.
If you would like a copy - you can email me.
It is an amazing collection of creative homes and as the names says...spaces.

There is a fun Cupcake Couture giveaway over on Glossary...so pop over to see what you can win.


  1. Such a cute pic! That little lamb is adorable. I've got a Spaces post teed up for tomorrow. I'm so in love with that book. Thanks for my copy! xox

  2. I don't know if he is a lamb...donkey or deer thingy! he He He.
    I am in love with it too...I just want to move in.

  3. Oh ja, it is more of a donkey haha!


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