What I Wore...

On Saturday...Daniel had the day off which was lovely!  We got to go for lunch and in general just spend some good, quality time together.

What I Wore:
Sunglasses:  Mr Price
Necklace:  Vintage (found at Eclectic's sale)
Faded, floral shirt:  Pick n Pay Clothing (yes...I shop there - laugh if you like)
Belt:  Random find and very old
Skirt:  Vintage bought in London
Pumps:  Burberry
Bag:  Vintage

With pleated skirts being such a fashion hit at the moment - I am very proud of this vintage number scouted a couple of years ago.  The site du jour - Lolly Loves has a fantastic version if you are on the hunt!  I wear mine often and you can keep it casual or dress it up...truly a transitional and classic wardrobe staple.