An interesting collection

I bought a jar of random buttons and nik naks at an antique shop.  The jar in itself was really attractive and fairly old, but until I could examine all the contents I didn't realise all the interesting things inside.

Vintage buckles
A wooden scrabble letter (my mother's name is Ellen so I am going to create something for her)
Old coins
Medals and members badges
Clip on vintage earrings

There was even a couple of small packets (which the white strips belong to) - they list which item of clothing the buttons belong to:  'Nov 1991:  Buttons for navy suit' and the second one 'For charcoal suit Racing 18.10 86'.  Such organisation!

The buttons on cards are from Highway Hospice.

Collections are so amazing and even better when they are random as they show slices of different people's lives.

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  1. Ah that is awesome! What a great find Nads.

  2. That handwriting looks just like my grandmother's! Lovely find :)

  3. Thanks for the comments gals. cute how they all handwitten.

  4. I love the drawing of the man on the pack of black buttons.

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with these lovely finds...

  6. Thanks Leila and Hey Cherry for the comments.

  7. lovely lovely lovely - lucky lucky cow!!!!


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