More on...Spaces

I have had a few questions regarding Spaces. 

So here are some more facts: 
  •  Spaces is a book that shows the interiors and creative spaces of different people from around the world. 
  • It is BIG:  255 pages of beauty.
  • It isn't cheap.  The book costs R370...the reason is... it comes all the way from Australia.  Freight is expensive so that really adds to the price.
  • It is worth it though - that I promise and guarantee
  • You can see inside the book by clicking over to Glossary (a happy Spaces customer - photo above taken by Lauren) or even here for more insight.  I also have a copy with me at I heart Market - so you can peep and enjoy.
There is currently only one copy left.  What can I is lovely and wonderful and so has almost sold out. not can order a copy.

I hope that answers some questions.  Mail me if you have any others. x