Tea for Me

I don't drink tea or coffee.  I know some of you are wondering how I can possibly survive!  Sometimes so do I.  I wish I could have a cup of coffee in the morn to help me jump out of bed, but I just don't like it.  I have discovered Woolworths Vanilla Chai though, which is such a treat.  Finally something delicious and warming for me to drink...especially in this Wintery weather that Durban is currently experiencing.  It tastes like dessert in a cup! 

 I decided to look up 'tea making' in one of my favourite books - The Goddess Guide by Giselle Scanlon. 

She says...
Brewing a great cuppa
The secret to brewing a good cuppa is to fill the kettle with fresh water that has not previously been boiled (preheating the water reduces the oxygen content and compromises the taste).

Pour another...

A delish 'cuppa' for me in one of my favourite antique cups bought at Eclectic in Gordon Road.  The teaspoon was a gift from Paris - makes stirring a pleasure.