Friend or Faux?

I have always observed fashion, but first became aware of fur and PETA when I was about twelve years old.  I adored all the original supermodels...Claudia, Naomi, but Cindy was my absolute favourite.  When she first posed for PETA I made a stand to always be anti fur prior to that my life consisted of riding my bike and deciding on what Barbie was going to wear.  I am no Stella McCartney and I enjoy a good steak, but how fine is the line between what we wear, what we eat and our ideals surrounding fashion!  Who ends up being the victim of our never ending search for the next trend!

Elle magazine recently asked me for my opinion on fur.   Is wearing vintage fur okay?  What about faux fur is it trendy or just tacky?  Is fur reserved for the ageing, kooky aunt or front row fashion maven?
I want to hear what you have to say...

Please tell me your thoughts.
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