Let's Chat: Ideas

30 June 2011

Cakies one of my favourite blogs posted a really great piece on her ideas and photos roaming the internet (click here to read it).  If you have ever been a victim of 'idea borrowing' then you will know all about what she is talking about.  No one person can completely own an idea or have a monopoly on a creative product, but we can certainly give credit if our work is inspired by others.  I am a firm believer in sharing ideas, sources, suppliers and information that can benefit others - I am sure you can tell by the resources post I did a while ago.  You need not giveaway your most treasured trade secret, but at times the small things are worth sharing. 

I have had some people 'borrow' ideas and although I am flattered it needs to be said that there is a difference between being inspired by something and coping something.

Remember this post is not meant to step on toes, ruffle feathers or point fingers, but rather open up an honest platform for sharing and giving credit when and where due.

To give you an example of an idea that inspired me...and how I went about making it my own:
The Package Project
When I started The Package Project I had seen something similar (Lovely Package Exchange) on Oh hello friend and emailed Danni to discuss my idea with her.  I took her idea as inspiration, but made sure I made The Package Project unique and she was more than happy for me to run it.  The idea in itself is simple, but the project is huge and so when people take the idea, simplify it and make me look as it I don't do regular ones it hurts a little.  I suppose as long as people are having fun, sharing great presents and sending love then there is no harm in it or how the idea is changed and used.  Last year the project attracted worldwide interest and coverage from Frankie Magazine, Trend Central and Google Blogs of Note.  More than 400 people took part and that is why I can only manage to do one each year.  The next one is scheduled for September.

The Package Project was inspired by oh hello friend's lovely package exchange

'Borrowed ideas' that pop up now and again...
My Brooches:
South Africa is to small a place to copy creative business ideas.  Again I am flattered when a brooch inspires work and I don't have some magic brooch monopoly, but make your brooches your own.  Think of something no one else is doing...you will reap the rewards and more stockists will be willing to sell your unique ideas.

The usual suspects:
I am no photographer.  I just enjoy snapping daily pics of life and the things I create so one is stealing my old happy snaps.  Fellow friends who are photographers have had their work posted in all kinds of places without credits.  It always makes a person feel really let down and sad when your work is drifting in the endless ocean that is the internet with no name, credit or reference.  A quick reminder to check out this very cool poster by Erin, Yvette & Pia featured on Design Sponge.

What are your thoughts about this controversial issue...don't be shy to speak your mind or email me to chat and tell me what you think.

A beautiful day

27 June 2011

I mentioned that Daniel and I went to a lovely wedding in a previous post.  These are some of the professional photos of the day by Julie Patrick.  Her lens captured the beauty and love of the day.

Cupcake Couture was also involved in making some shoe clips (hand beaded with pearls on a applique flower to match her dress) for Lola's wedding shoes, corsages / boutonnieres for the groomsmen as well as some badges for the photographers to wear. These items all form part of our new wedding packages.  I will show you some more details soon.  Wedding boutonnieres will be for sale - already packaged and ready.  There are also some corsage options for parents to wear instead of the traditional flowers and for bridesmaids to adorn dresses or even pin onto necklaces or fasinators.  So...keep CC in mind if you need some bespoke touches for your wedding or event.


Pop in...

26 June 2011

A chance to visit...

The House & Garden Show is on its third day (7 more to go).  It is great to be playing 'shop shop'.  I found a old haberdashery counter which forms the front of my stand and being behind it gives me a glimpse of how it must feel to own a creative, shop space.  I will post some photos of the stand soon.

I have three sets of tickets to giveaway.  The first three people to mail me will receive them.  You can  use them today or during next week.  And just because I love you guys...I will throw in a little Cupcake Couture gift too.   *Update:  All the tickets have been given away.  Thank you for the great response.  Watch the blog next week as I will have another ticket giveaway then.

Just a reminder - we are based in the Homegrown Fair.

A perfect pair

23 June 2011

Woodnewz (my dad & husband's custom designed furniture business) have paired up with Mint the Retired Goods Company for the Homegrown Fair at the House and Garden Show.  Kirsty from Mint has added her beautiful, hand picked home ware to their stand to give it a more 'lived in' feel.  For more details visit the Homegrown Fair blog or the H&G Show site.

News to share

22 June 2011

I am truly excited (and only a bit stressed) to tell you that Cupcake Couture will have a stand at this year's House & Garden Show.  The stand is within the Homegrown Fair which is a collection of local products and brands.  The fair has teamed up with the The Food Market to keep us all happily fed.
The journey of preparing and building a stand has been an interesting one!  Metres and metres of ribbon, fabric, several late nights and even more swear words (I won't elaborate) has lead me to now know that I can achieve what I set out to do.  During this time the CC team has also grown and I have a wonderful assistant named Lisa.  Without her I might have run away.  Stress aside I am feeling truly blessed as I type this.

Next on the list of news to share is the digital aspect of Cupcake Couture.  For several months now I have been working on and 'building' blogs for other creatives as well as brainstorming interesting and unique business ideas for some of my new clients.  I have kept this aspect of the business quiet, but thought it is about time I shared it with you.  I will soon add a page for the digital, media and creative consulting work that I do so that you can see what it is all about.
Right - after all that I best get back to working and the point of inviting you all to the House & Garden Show.  Visit the Homegrown Fair's blog for more details.  And watch this space - I will be giving away a goodie bag as well as tickets to the show.

Hello Genevieve (& thank you for the giveaway)

20 June 2011

Really excited to have Genevieve Motley on the blog today.  She is an inspiration, a friend and a beautiful  person!

To celebrate her new shop within Mooi you can win a typewriter brooch...my current favourite in her collection.

To enter:
Like the Cupcake Couture Facebook page.
Leave a comment on this post telling us what your favourite Genevieve Motley product is.  You can take a look at her blog or her Etsy shop.

I will also throw in Cupcake Couture surprise for the winner.

The winner will be announced on the 1st July.
Local entries only please...sorry friends.
Good luck.

Happy Weekend...

18 June 2011

Have a sparkling time.

Colouring outside the lines

15 June 2011

I am a notebook freak!  I love them...I have many empty notebooks that I feel are just too pretty to write in...weirdo, I know!  I also don't like writing on the first page, or making mistakes in new notebooks, or not using the perfect pen (there is more, but I will stop now).  I rip out pages I am unhappy with and then proceed to either ruin the notebook by destroying the spine (accidentally) and then feeling sad and angry with myself for being so silly!  I love lined pages so that my writing is straight and neat.  I suppose some of this stems from some odd compulsion or obsession littered with underlying issues.  I found the cure or should I say... notebook therapy.  This very clever journal by Keri Smith is teaching me that it is okay to mess things up.  I find it odd that as humans we need permission to colour outside the lines.  We spend our childhood learning to be neat, to conform and to use the right colours for things...trees aren't purple (I learnt the hard way) and now I need to unlearn it all.  I have managed to ruin two pages of it and it was so liberating.  I poked holes in a page and ripped up another!  The point of this post (besides telling you about my weird weaknesses) is have fun, make mistakes and colour wherever you damn like!

Oh and I got my copy at Exclusive Books for R164...yip you have to pay for it and then ruin it!

Crayola Cocktail

13 June 2011

 I found these two beauties at I heart Market last week.  The colours make me instantly happy!

New Brooches

09 June 2011

These are some new brooches that are on their way to The Fringe Arts in Cape Town.  They are on cards and work well as a gift as you can write in the card when giving it as a gift.  Hoping to get to see all the beautiful things at The Fringe Arts on my next Cape Town trip.

Those Handsome Things

08 June 2011

Once upon a time my dad started a business.  It was born from a need for colour, creativity and good craftsmanship.  He had learnt many valuable skills from my grandfather and decided to hone these skills and build and create beautiful furniture pieces.  The love of my life quite liked this concept and he soon began building, designing and creating for Woodnewz too.  Now...the two men I love work side by side making homes better the world over!  I am exceptionally proud of them both (I am sure you can tell).  Anyway...the point of this post is they are featured on Handsome Things today!  Besides these happy and colourful pieces...they also do more contemporary ones too.  So whether you want to live on the set of Mad Men or have a home fit for a decor mag, they are your guys!


06 June 2011

Monday...oh Monday!  I am still in weekend mode, but have to snap out of it super fast!  The weekend was ridiculously busy, but I did manage to fit in some fun.  Post market my darling friend Tarryn (and stall assistant) joined me for some frozen yoghurt at Wakaberry in Florida Road.  I was so excited to try the different flavours and colourful toppings...a must taste for Durbanites.  Sunday saw us attending a very blessed and beautiful afternoon wedding.  The setting Winter sun was the perfect backdrop for a love filled day!

1.  I love the colour of the walls at Wakaberry
2.  Stamp detail from the wedding
3.  A honey macaroon eaten at I heart Market
4.  Sprinkles
5.  Sour worms
6.  Very delicious toffee and cheesecake flavours from Wakaberry
7.  A corsage made for the groomsmen at the wedding
8.  The man I love
9.  A very happy me


03 June 2011

 Beautiful colours and interesting inspiration for a Friday.

I heart Market is on tomorrow at the DLI Hall and I will have my usual two stalls...one for all the normal products and one for the Build a Brooch.  Hope to see you there!

Extra Curricular

02 June 2011

"Extra Curricular is a magazine about people doing creative projects on the side.  Whether they have a 9 to 5 job, a fledgling business or children to keep them busy, the people we talk to are connected by their passion for keeping the right side of the brain active in their off-hours."

I have several copies of Extra Curricular available.  It is an interesting and inspirational read.  They will be on sale on Saturday at I heart Market  for R100 or I can post you a copy if you aren't in Durban.  The clever folk who make it also print it on a 100% recycled paper using vegetable based inks!  It is put together in New Zealand and there are only 1000 copies made...each issue is numbered.   Smart bunch if you ask me.