Monday...oh Monday!  I am still in weekend mode, but have to snap out of it super fast!  The weekend was ridiculously busy, but I did manage to fit in some fun.  Post market my darling friend Tarryn (and stall assistant) joined me for some frozen yoghurt at Wakaberry in Florida Road.  I was so excited to try the different flavours and colourful toppings...a must taste for Durbanites.  Sunday saw us attending a very blessed and beautiful afternoon wedding.  The setting Winter sun was the perfect backdrop for a love filled day!

1.  I love the colour of the walls at Wakaberry
2.  Stamp detail from the wedding
3.  A honey macaroon eaten at I heart Market
4.  Sprinkles
5.  Sour worms
6.  Very delicious toffee and cheesecake flavours from Wakaberry
7.  A corsage made for the groomsmen at the wedding
8.  The man I love
9.  A very happy me


  1. I really love the candy colour palette of this post! Looks like you had a super weekend ♥

  2. Fun post. I am craving fruits of the forest frozen yoghurt now... hmmmmm yum

  3. ohhh everything is so pretty and cheery! brings a smile to my face


  4. Such lovely pics! And makes me crave another Wakaberry. WE must go there for a sweet snack soon! x

  5. Enjoying bumping into you and your man randomly every second day. Need to visit Wakaberry soon. Heard it rocks!


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