Colouring outside the lines

I am a notebook freak!  I love them...I have many empty notebooks that I feel are just too pretty to write in...weirdo, I know!  I also don't like writing on the first page, or making mistakes in new notebooks, or not using the perfect pen (there is more, but I will stop now).  I rip out pages I am unhappy with and then proceed to either ruin the notebook by destroying the spine (accidentally) and then feeling sad and angry with myself for being so silly!  I love lined pages so that my writing is straight and neat.  I suppose some of this stems from some odd compulsion or obsession littered with underlying issues.  I found the cure or should I say... notebook therapy.  This very clever journal by Keri Smith is teaching me that it is okay to mess things up.  I find it odd that as humans we need permission to colour outside the lines.  We spend our childhood learning to be neat, to conform and to use the right colours for things...trees aren't purple (I learnt the hard way) and now I need to unlearn it all.  I have managed to ruin two pages of it and it was so liberating.  I poked holes in a page and ripped up another!  The point of this post (besides telling you about my weird weaknesses) is have fun, make mistakes and colour wherever you damn like!

Oh and I got my copy at Exclusive Books for R164...yip you have to pay for it and then ruin it!