News to share

I am truly excited (and only a bit stressed) to tell you that Cupcake Couture will have a stand at this year's House & Garden Show.  The stand is within the Homegrown Fair which is a collection of local products and brands.  The fair has teamed up with the The Food Market to keep us all happily fed.
The journey of preparing and building a stand has been an interesting one!  Metres and metres of ribbon, fabric, several late nights and even more swear words (I won't elaborate) has lead me to now know that I can achieve what I set out to do.  During this time the CC team has also grown and I have a wonderful assistant named Lisa.  Without her I might have run away.  Stress aside I am feeling truly blessed as I type this.

Next on the list of news to share is the digital aspect of Cupcake Couture.  For several months now I have been working on and 'building' blogs for other creatives as well as brainstorming interesting and unique business ideas for some of my new clients.  I have kept this aspect of the business quiet, but thought it is about time I shared it with you.  I will soon add a page for the digital, media and creative consulting work that I do so that you can see what it is all about.
Right - after all that I best get back to working and the point of inviting you all to the House & Garden Show.  Visit the Homegrown Fair's blog for more details.  And watch this space - I will be giving away a goodie bag as well as tickets to the show.