Last week: Part 2

Here is Part 2 to yesterday's post.  There is one more part which I will post tomorrow.

The friend that I had tea with is Giselle from Lavender Beauty.  The Winter sun was so warm and it was amazing to take some time out!

The Durban Bride mentioned is Simone from Scrambled Notes and funnily enough I met her last night at Mooki!

The resource credits read much the same as Part 1 with the addition of the delightful looking peach camera which is from open[sketch]book and the brown paper from Dioma.

{Resources once more...}
Clip art:  The Graphics Fairy
Tape Strips:  Live & Enliven
Velvet Ribbon & Graph Paper:  Pugly Pixel


  1. My goodness! I absolutely love your blog and your posts are to die for. So much inspiration, Thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog.
    You go into my faves for sure :-)

  2. Hi there! Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say it is nice that you include resource links for your designs, I need to do that more often with my own! Thanks :) xo, danni

  3. Your week sounds so much better than mine. Been swamped with work. It's exciting but blogging has taken a knock. Also met Simone and her man recently, randomly at Gateway. Cool people!

  4. Awww look we're on your blog hehehe how cool! I fell in love with the corsage the moment I saw it at Mooi - the colours, the sweet rabbit. It was perfect! Glad seeing it made your week a bit brighter :) x

  5. i love this layout! so beautiful! huge fan of the pugly pixel! :)


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