Last week: Part 3

My birthday invites are sent out - having a small celebration with people that I love.  I found some great  decor items on In Good Company.  I also bought these retro labels - I just liked them!

I am excited for one of my clients - Lollyloves who is hosting a pop up shop at Arts on Main this Sunday.  I think it is going to be really great!

I read about a heart sandwich press on Everything I heart's blog and I am planning to pop out soonest to get one!  When my sister and I were little my mom would use a heart cookie press and it made the sandwiches taste so much better! 

If you live in Durban you really should have tried Livingstons by now!  Celebrated a friend's birthday there and in between forkfuls of Butter Chicken Pot Pie, sips of wine and spoonfuls of creme brulee there was much laughter!

I am looking for a new camera, but I feel quite confused by all the choices.  If you have any tips or want to share...please leave a comment or email me.

Vintage Hankie (I used only the corner):  Pugly Pixel
Checked tape, macaroons & graph paper:  Pugly Pixel
Lined Paper:  Dioma
Party Inspiration: Pure Joy Events via Amy Atlas
Pink & Orange Letter L:  Daily Drop Cap

Some of the resources carried over from yesterday's post:  Read them here.  I hope you have enjoyed these 'Last Week' posts.  I might do them again.