hello...I love you

I came to a screeching halt in CNA yesterday when I spotted the cover of the Homes & Antiques magazine!  I wasn't going to take a look, but I couldn't resist and what was meant to be a quick errand run turned into a marathon reading session while my groceries slowly melted and the time ticked by.  I began flipping...casually at first and then more excitedly as I tried to soak up and memorise all the things I needed to Google when I got home.  My memory let me down and now all I can think about is rushing back to get the mag!  It was packed with the most frame worthy images and spreads that left me drooling!  

Home & Antiques is the Antiques Roadshow magazine...the BBC TV show.  I quite enjoy the show as it always conjures up the idea that there is treasure in every home and that the value of something is not always the most important thing.  Now...don't dismiss this mag as one for the grannies...it is a dreamy reality escape.  Their site has some cool reads too...love this feature on vintage sunglasses and learnt more about Lea Stein too...I adore her brooches.

I am off to CNA now...toodles!  Oh and the mag is just under R70...not bad when you see all that is inside - the pics above are a mere glimpse!