Tried & Tested: Vintage & Thrift Online

On Monday I reviewed and wrote about Guard the Vintage.  Thanks so much for your feedback and comments.  I really love hearing what you think.

Today I am going to be telling you about The Thrift Co.  As I mentioned in the first 'tried & tested' thrifting and vintage shopping is really a great way of finding a specific item.

I first met Pippa at an event that she hosted at Antique Cafe.  It was cake, tea and thrifting all in one.

Who is behind the concept?
Pippa and Bevan are the duo who thrift and scout on your behalf.  The most unique element to their business is the fact that they buy items from sellers who are looking to spring no more buyers remorse.  I love using the service when I clear out my cupboard and sell newer pieces that I no longer wear.  Pippa works in fashion and Bevan has great style so together they add their own signature to the 'brand'. 

What did I buy?
I bought a Mr Price nude jacket from the event.  I must have missed it while it was in store so it was a lucky find.

Due to the fact that the couple lives in Durban - I don't have to rely on an email relationship to see or buy products.  I would say that there are several vintage items, but the bulk of the pieces are secondhand.

Packaging & Postage: 
Once again because I can pop round to I heart Market and see what is on offer I have not received my item via post.  I can, however say that their newly launched caravan is a must see.  Worth missing out on the surprise of a package in the post.

Where can I find The Thrift Co?
Online Shop (via blog)
Their Thrift Mobile

The main concern for shoppers when buying secondhand is the condition of items.  Feel free to ask sellers about the condition if not stated.  For example - you can check if all buttons are in tact, zips work or if the item needs repairing.  Damage can easily be fixed and might allow you to customise it further...add new buttons or even add an interesting feature to conceal where an item has been mended.

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