Creative Chatting

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my working adventure with Heather.  While in Cape Town I also had the wonderful (& interesting) opportunity of setting up a conversational panel covering the challenges that face creatives in the business of handmade.  The quaint Queen of Tarts in Observatory as suggested by Vicki from I Want That was the venue and the coffee, hot chocolate and meringue icing cupcakes they provided were perfect! 

The lovely ladies in attendance were:
Lana Kenney from Lanalou Style:  Blogger and supporter of local and handmade
Lauren Fowler:  Illustrator, blogger and all round creative 
Jesse Breytenbach from Jezze Prints:  Illustrator and printmaker
Heather Moore from Skinny Laminx:  Illustrator and designer
Thessa Bos from The Fringe Arts:  Co-owner of The Fringe Arts and curator of all that is creative
June Gilbank from Planet June:  Crochet Pattern Designer, writter and blogger

We chatted about all aspects of craft and handmade...the challenges, rewards, originality and the lack thereof, underpricing, general standards, useful resources...the list goes on and reached as far as blogging, giving credit and linking.

I am now working on all the information that I gathered and am researching even more for a new project with an aim to serve the craft community of South Africa.  I am hosting similar conversational panels in Durban and Johannesburg this year and if you would like to be included then just send me a mail and I will keep you updated on when and where.