A Skinny Day

While I was in Cape Town in August - I got to be an intern for a day with Heather Moore of Skinny Laminx.  Yes...while on holiday I went to work and loved it!  I have been following Heather's career for years and I truly respect her.  The fact that she has a very successful business fuelled by her creativity is a real inspiration to me.  I wanted to learn from her, see how she works and delve into her world...an Orla filled realm.  After a swift walk in the morning sun we stopped at &Union for a coffee.  Once back in the studio I got elbow deep into a box of products...stock taking and learning each print by name and colour.  Heather was such a great boss for the day and chatted to me about challenges within a creative business and shared her tips and knowledge.  

All creative businesses experience challenges.  What sets you apart is how you deal with the challenges.  Deal with problems head on, be realistic and don't give up too easily.

Once you are successful and your business is established - it doesn't mean that the hard work is over.  With each goal that is conquered...a new set presents itself.  Where there is passion...the hard work will follow
Successful businesses experience copying of their work too.  Heather has encountered this and although you can't always prevent it you are allowed to speak your mind in a respectful way to alert the brand or person in question.

Make time for other people.  Heather gives of her time freely, she shares her knowledge and always makes time for others who respect her work.  Your business might be small and the fans few, but take a couple of minutes to reply to emails, tweets or compliments.

Create a system that works for you.  Often daunting tasks get pushed to the bottom of the list and you loathe even the thought of having to tackle them.  Take a difficult or tedious task and create a system for it.  Heather had a board with labelled bullodog clips for filing receipts...come the end of the month they are already sorted into postage, office expenses etc...

Don't let admin kill your creativity.  To do lists, piles of paperwork, slips and expenses could mean you spend hours chained to your chair and computer.  Heather takes time out on a Friday for her Making Day... time to create something new.

P.S.  I had fun editing the above photos - Lauren gave me a quick lesson and although she has it down to a fine art...I am just getting started.  Hope that photoraphers aren't looking at them and cringing...bear with me I will get better.