New Clips: For Sale

30 November 2011

I have just finished these bright and cheery birdie clips.  Each one is sold on a vintage children's playing card. can wear the little clip and add the card to your inspiration board.  They make perfect stocking fillers and there is even a little card with a Christmas theme...see the little girl standing with holly above her head...adorable.

They will be for sale at the I heart Market on Saturday or you can order one by emailing me. They are light and flat so postage will be minimal.

Small birds:  R25
Owl:  R30
Big coral coloured birds:  R35

In most cases I have about three of each card.  

Elle Photos

29 November 2011

I was lucky enough to get a copy of the photos taken for the Elle My Stylish Life article.  So...I thought I would share them with you.  So cool to see my life through the lense of Tony Christie.

How is your week going?  Things here are quite busy.  Thank you for all your kind wishe over the weekend.

Looking forward to...

24 November 2011

Another date to add to your diary.  Wonder Market will be opening this exciting.  Cupcake Couture will have a stall there on the 18th December!  Hooray!

A cup of tea

23 November 2011

How I wish I had time to sit and have a cup of tea, but no time to stop and that is why posting around here has been a bit slow!  So much to do at the moment, but please bare with me...all will be back to normal soon.  On the to list is mostly work and I am so excited to be taking the whole weekend off including Friday.  Daniel and I have been married for one year and we are taking a 'staycation' right here in our wonderful city.  Phones will be switched off, work put away and to do lists forgotten (for a while at least).  We have some lovely and relaxing outings planned and loads of couch time!  

I spotted this beautiful set at the SPCA in Kloof...such a fast snap and a touch blurry, but thought I would share it with you.  They have some lovely home ware in stock at the moment.

Fair Lady Bride

21 November 2011

 So lucky to have a my corsages featured in the latest Fair Lady Bride. 

The Package Project: A giveaway for you

16 November 2011

I have a special giveaway from Love Letters Stationery to celebrate The Package far so good!  There have only been a couple of small hold-ups and the feedback from all of you has been so lovely!  Thank you - the project is only possible because of you!

This set of beautiful bits & bobs is perfect for wrapping gorgeous gifts and in this case...packages! 

To Enter:
Visit the Love Letters site & pick your favourite item.  Leave a comment telling me what it is as well as what your dream package would include.
The giveaway is international and you don't need to be taking part in The Package Project to enter.
Entries Close:   30th November

Good luck and happy browsing on the amazing Love Letters site!  It is delightful!

Days Gone By...

14 November 2011

Today is a day off for Cupcake Couture!  Hooray!  You see...a very dear friend from London is in town and it is the first time we are seeing each other in three years, four months and 28 day!  Crazy!  Many days have passed, but our friendship is still strong and I just can't wait to spend a day with her.  I don't often speak of my life in London, but here are a mish mash of photos of days spent doing amazing things.  Have a happy Monday!

My letter to you...

11 November 2011

If you signed up for The Package Project 2011 - you would by now have received an email from me matching you up with your lovely partner.  The admin system this year was much more detailed so I feel that there wasn't a great deal of mistakes or people who got left off.  I looked at every single blog of every single person taking part.  Call me crazy, but I felt that I wanted to find each of you a special match.  Below is what my email says... If you have a query then please feel free to mail me.  If for some reason you can't take part any longer - now is the time to mail me.  Thanks & happy weekend!

P.S:  You and your partner can discuss how long you have to prepare and send your package.  I would say about two weeks is a good time, but just chat about it and see what works.

The time is finally here...the introduction to your package partner!  Hooray!
Your partner’s email address is at the top of the mail.  It is now up to you to make contact.

I wrote these tips for you with  love and care.

Here are some details for your swap...

What happens if I can no longer take part? 
You have to let me know so that your partner doesn’t lose out.  You won’t be in trouble, so send me a quick email to tell me.  This will be really kind of you and will mean your partner will still get a chance t swap with someone else.

What should I do if my partner does not reply?
Give it seven days and if you don’t get  a reply – mail me so that I can match you up with a new partner.  If they vanish – I will add them to a list called: ‘NEVER ALLOWED TO TAKE PART...AGAIN...EVER!’

What should I send in my package?
Packages can contain anything from trinkets representing your hometown or country to handcrafted gifts or art supplies or pretty stationery.  If you own your own creative or craft business – feel free to share what you make with your partner, but don’t only include items you create for your business.  Your package needs to be varied and fun and chat to your partner and find out what they like.  It could be nice to include a little handwritten note too.

Things to remember...
Wrap your package up well.  Your package has to travel hundreds of miles to get to your partner and you would like it to arrive safely and intact.

Make sure the address you are sending it to is a hundred percent correct.  A package with the wrong address will go to the wrong person and how sad that will make your partner.  Double check and even triple check.

Don’t send items that can break easily.  A beautiful vintage teacup is a wonderful gift, but it won’t survive the long journey.

Make sure you have paid the correct postage amount.  Chat to your local post office for the most affordable and reliable service.  Whether you package is sailing the high seas or flying first class – make sure it has all the right stamps!

Don’t send perishable items.  Food often flags package inspections.  I am sure your homemade jam is delicious, but border control won’t like the idea.  For some additional guidelines see

*Disclaimer:  I love packages and I know you do too.  Some people think it is fun to sign up and not do as they promise!  I try my best to weed out the meanies from the goodies.  However, I can’t be held responsible if your partner doesn’t send a package or if your package gets lost en-route.  I wish I could hand deliver each parcel (like a Package Project Santa), but I can’t.  Follow the tips above and let me know if you have problems, concerns or if your partner does a vanishing act.  Most of all – try to be committed to your partner and send that package...big or small or let me know if you can’t.  Big thanks!

Happy swapping and thank you so very much for taking part!  *Watch the blog this week for a very pretty giveaway.

A package from last year's shop via The Package Project flickr group.

The Package Project: Update

10 November 2011

Not far to go - you will hear who your partner is today - latest tomorrow!  I hope you are excited!
Cuckoo Clock Illustration from flyHEROfly on Etsy

Inspire Lovely

09 November 2011

I ordered some ribbon from Inspire Lovely - definitely one of my favourite shops on Etsy.  A beautiful minty melon shade to be made into corsages for you!  I just loved the way it was wrapped up in the waxy little bag with twine.  Oooh!  Watch this space for the new creations.

Gift Packs: New Product

I worked on these packs for I heart Market and shoppers seemed to love them.  They are just perfect for Christmas.  Each pack contains gift giving essentials and I have called them a 'Couture Kit'.  I will have more at the three I heart Markets in December and I will also have some masculine gift options.
What is inside?
A gift:  The packs contain a handmade button brooch and a bird clip on a vintage playing card.
Wrapping:  Either tissue paper or a little plain bag.
1m of Ribbon:  To add to the wrapping.
A tag & pencil:  So you can send some kind wishes along with the gift.
Something Extra:  A little item to tie to the outside of the gift or even include inside.  This is a novelty item to add that quirky touch.

Not just any post...

I recently realised that my work used to be my hobby and despite the fact that I don't really have time to have a hobby I have been searching for something to do in my downtime.  I seem to fill my time with work and even when I try to sit and just watch TV I always feel like I have to keep my hands busy.  Last night in a bid to do something besides a late night of work I started decorating some envelopes and writing some little notes for some special friends.  Loads of washi tape, doilies, glassine paper and!  I really enjoyed the decorating and realised I need to get crafty on things that don't involve my work.  With Christmas around the corner I see some handmade gifts on the horizon.

Necklace DIY

08 November 2011

I prepared a DIY for Frills & Thrills - you can pop over there for the full instructions.

A perfect world

07 November 2011

In a perfect world all the tasks on my to do list would be ticked off, my cupboard would be colour co-ordinated, my floors would always be clean and I would always know what to make for dinner, I would be able to bake on a whim and wearing an apron would come as naturally as wearing a vintage skirt. world is far from perfect, but I am working on it.  The Better Homes & Gardens Storage Magazine makes you want to Spring clean and label everything from the bread to the dirty washing.  The magazine is a bit pricey, but their website offers more inspiration than you will ever need! find the time to make everything look this pretty!

 A vintage leather bag with corsage that was for sale on my table.  The button scoop below - only R10 for a full scoop!

I heart Market on Saturday was just wondrous!  It was busy, the weather was perfect and I had a friend to share in my stall duties.  Lauren came to spend the day behind the CC stall and it was great to chat.  You can see more snaps on her blog - including one of an amazing waffle which is sure to make you hungry.

Off to the Market

03 November 2011

Two market for CC this week.  Tonight I am off to The Night Market at the Point (click here for the details) - love the poster.  Also looking forward to I heart Market this weekend at Moses Mabhida! 

A little key

02 November 2011

This is a brooch I made yesterday for a mother to give to her daughter to wear on her 21st birthday...hence the key.  Some of the buttons have come a long way - and the daughter used to play with them when she was little.  Lots of love and care went into this one and I loved making it.