Christmas withouth the kitsch

Christmas is upon us!  I love this jolly season of gift giving, but I cringe at the site of fake trees, tinsel and kitsch decorations.  The traditional green and red sends me running and the shopping mall queues and the pushing and shoving is enough to keep me in hiding until the new year.  However, with so many handmade beauties out there, celebrating Christmas sans the kitsch is so easy and much more fulfilling!  A touch of tradition is always welcome, but clever, unique and interesting items are far lovelier.

If like me you are a creative and this season is full of markets, preparing and selling then check out this post on holiday craft shows and markets by Rena Tom.  It offers advice, inspiration and tips on keeping your sanity.

If you are shopping then remember to keep it handmade.  I heart Market is happening this weekend and the options are amazing!  My favourites from I heart Market:

Little Mud Hut's Pegs:
I just love adding these pegs to gifts.  Visit Venessa's blog for even more versions. 

 ilovebokkie's wooden heart decorations:
These will still be cute once Christmas is over.  These are ideal to tie onto gifts as an added extra.

Lisa & Jo Stamps:
Stationery addicts rejoice as Lisa will be at the market selling their stamps.  They stamp super clearly and add a quirky and handmade feel to your Christmas correspondence. 

Olivia Villet's Cards:
I made a vow to hand make all my Christmas cards, but I couldn't resist this beauty! And it is handmade...just not by me.

I am also totally loving these:
Genevieve Motley's decorations.  These will look good in your home the year round!
Nicole Long's Santa Cookie Kits:  I have been selling Nicole's books at the market for ages now and she is finally having her own stall full of Little Chef goodness!
Hey Cherry's Wreaths:  I can imagine this in my office and it is unconventional yet festive all in one!

*Don't forget to add these to your shopping list:

Angelic Fragrances: My mom recently joined in the I heart Market fun her label and blog is called Underground AtticRead more about the fragrances here.  The sleep one is amazing and I recently got Ask Ashe hooked.

Terry's Art:  Each piece contains heart and soul and would make a treasured gift.

Mint:  Retro classics at wonderful prices means you can get a gift and a treat for your home too!

Whimsy:  Treat a friend to an organised 2012 with Amelia's new calendar.

Daniela's:  A macaroon a day...keeps the doctor away (that's my story and I am sticking with it). Delicious creations!

Tin Bird's Sweet Treats:  Debbie is a darling and once we get chatting we can't stop!  She bakes delightful goodies.

Token Cermamics:  Carla helped me last year with some bridesmaids gifts and a ceramic tag for my bouquet.  Her delicate work always amazes me.  Pretty pieces to fill stockings with.

Lulu Yesteryear Redeemed:  Jars, cups, plates, dishes and generally interesting vintage goodies...Irene has them.  She is always hunting for buttons for me and for that I am so grateful!

Are you a stallholder that I haven't mentioned?  I would love to meet you and learn more about your say hello on Saturday.

Happy shopping!