The 12 months of 2011: Part 1

These are a few of my highlights from 2011:

1 - January: 
A Penguin Party - Casey a very dear friend hosted one of the best birthday parties I have attended!  It was a brilliant start to the year!  (Photo taken by Lauren)

2 -  February:
A trip to Jozi and Pretoria.  I finally got to visit Wolves and indulge in a HUGE piece of red velvet cake!

3 - March:
Goodbye Mr Price and hello to living the Cupcake Couture life full time!  I resigned as Junior Ladies Footwear Buyer and dived into a new adventure...and I haven't looked back since.

4 - April:
I launched Build a Brooch at I heart Market.  It was also really great to be featured in Marie Claire - the start of a fabulous year for Cupcake Couture press.

5 - May:
I received a gigantic corsage order from East Coast Radio which also had to be complete in record time.  It was a challenge, but it helped me realise that with the support of my dear family all is possible.

6 - June:
Cupcake Couture's wedding corsages / boutonnieres really started taking off as the groomsmen accessory du jour (Photo by Julie Patrick).  Wakaberry also landed in Durban and added some sprinkles to our days!