Tried & Tested: the wanderlust

ohhellofriend is one of my favourite blogs - Danni is a real creative inspiration!  I have wanted to own a little piece of her magic for a while now and finally ordered something off the of her online shops!  I was so excited and checked the postbox three times a day in anticipation for the slip to collect it from the post office!  The package was of course a joy to receive and in true Danni style it was wrapped with love, care and washi tape...all things that make the world go round.  

What did I order:
Yellow Packaging Set (some items pictured above)
Yellow phrase vinyl decal

Was the postage expensive to South Africa?
No - I don't think so.  It was $5 in total.

How long did it take to get to South Africa?
I ordered on the 18 January and received it on the 14th February.  I did however, order while Danni was away at Alt. Summt.

Was it worth it?
Totally!  The package was wrapped so beautifully and the items inside were exactly what was pictured on the shop site.  I will definitely order from Danni again and can highly recommend her amazing products. 

Was I worried that my package would not get here?
I think living in South Africa this is always a concern.  I take my hat off to our post office as so far all my packages from overseas have arrived in tact without any sign of tampering or damage.  The package was sent in a padded, well sealed envelope with clear address details.

How did I pay?
I used my PayPal account which is linked to my credit card so my details were safe. 

Blog:  ohhellofriend
Danni has two other shops - one on Etsy and a clothing and accessories one called Reverie Market.

I hope you find these little reviews helpful.  I know as South Africans we often hesitate to order online, but so far so good for all I have ordered off Etsy and a couple of other online shops.

P.S:  so excited to be taking part in the Shop Swap! Will share my packages with you.